Welcome to Hotel-Restaurant Alvariini!

Hotel-restaurant Alvariini is a private family business, which is located in the downtown of Alajärvi. Alvariini was founded by a young entrepreneur-couple Salla and Tomi Hemminki together with Sisko And Jorma Keijonen who both have a long-term experience from restaurant branch. Couple Keijonen also owns The Red Cottage Wine Estate.

The large-scale renovation of the estate was completed and the official opening was celebrated on Friday 23.9. In total there are twenty-two business-class hotel rooms in Alvariini, and it is possible to house even an entire bus group in them. The restaurant has about 200 seats, offering delicious a’la carte dishes and a buffet on lunchtime. The renovated sauna and a swimming pool area offer you an enchanting spot where you can truly relax. There is also a pleasant terrace at the evening sun side and it’s open during summertime.

In addition, Alvariini also has a six-lane bowling alley with its own services.

Whether you’re on the move concerning work,- holiday, – theater, – working ability, – bachelor party, – or by any other reason – we are always ready to tailor individual vacation packages according to your needs.

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